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About So Beard Ltd

Our Mission

So Beard Ltd is a team of specialists in digital marketing with the aim to support both start up businesses who are looking to make their initial footprint, to the more established business who needs to refresh their online approach & take their brand to the next level.

Our expertise is in the full management of all aspects of digital marketing, from content creation, to daily audience responding, to the intricate art of targeted advertising.

The SoBeard Team

Rick Pearce

Rick Pearce


In a previous life Rick was a communications engineer for broadcast television taking him all over the world, from Radio 1s Big Weekend in London to the X Games in Munich & Barcelona. After a six-year stint Rick decided a change from living in a suitcase (not literally) might be refreshing so began evolving his skills.

From there he began creating video & then later aerial imagery after completing his UAV pilots licence with the Civil Aviation Authority, working with both the BBC & Channel 4 over a 2-year period.

After watching so many clients create great content for it not to be given the exposure it deserves, he saw a gap in the market for clients needing support on delivering innovative content & So Beard Ltd was born!

Four years on & he is now orchestrating a team of specialists in their given field, overseeing all operations of the company supporting clients on every step of their account growth journey.

Rick enjoys testing new industry features cherry-picking the most innovative & creative tools to leverage for So Beard’s client base.

Super Power: A veteran in the intricate art of retargeted advertising.

Jo Fowler

Jo Fowler

Content Creator and Copywriter

Jo brings more years of experience than she cares to admit, to her content creation role! 😉

The different industries that Jo has learnt from and contributed to, include; Advertising, Marketing, Teaching and Inclusion. However, her love lies in writing in all its forms.

Having completed a Masters In Creative Writing, Jo was accepted onto the Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse’s Playwright’s Programme, where she wrote and produced her 2nd full-length play; an extract of which was performed at The Playhouse in July 2019.

Jo’s writing was also shortlisted for a Jimmy McGovern drama, ‘Moving On’ where she got to the last 25, out of hundreds of writers.

Super Power: A poetic wordsmith, who not only scribes engaging personalised content for your brand, but also cares that it’s 100% right for you and won’t rest until it is!

Ben Adams

Ben Adams

Director of Photography / Camera Operator

Ben heads up the video creative side of So Beard ltd, from engaging broadcast quality video that tells the story of your brand, to professional product shots for your website & social outlets.

Ben’s media journey began whilst while studying at university founding his own clothing brand which in turn evolved into a promotions company, using the likes of media and events to push various forms of art into the public eye. During these years he would spend a lot of time creating video with some big name clients bringing a wide variety of experience to the table.

Driven by a passion for visuals and art, Ben has worked with various festivals across Europe and especially enjoys creating media for the automotive industry.

Super Power: Visual IQ is in the top 1% of the world.

How we work

Each client is managed within our management suite, with each business having their own ad account within the Facebook business manager, meaning their profiles are monitored & managed daily to ensure any comments, direct messages & engagements are actioned accordingly – guaranteeing users are responded to within a realistic time frame.

We believe there is so much jargon, confusion and ambiguity within our industry. We communicate in a user-friendly way, creating clarity and transparency in all we do, thus driving tangible value and ROI.